What Builders Need to Know When Building with Propane

There are many reasons consumers choose propane to fuel their homes over other energy sources. Propane performs better, providing better power to propane-fueled products in the home. Propane is more cost-efficient and saves money on utility bills. Propane can also be safer than other fuel sources. No matter the reason for choosing propane, there are several things that builders need to know when building homes and businesses with propane. The following courses are offered by the Propane Education and Research Council and will help you understand the ins and outs of building with propane and keep you and your customers safe and happy.

Propane-Enhanced Renewable Energy Systems

This is an advanced course offered by the Propane Education and Research Council. This course builds on the recent awareness into the environmental implications of some energy sources and the demand for better and cleaner energy. It will help to educate you as a professional builder, so you can assess your clients’ energy needs and recommend the most efficient and environmentally friendly fuel sources. The course will also help you understand how you can supplement natural energy sources with propane. You’ll also learn some of the considerations you should keep in mind before recommending propane or alternative energy sources for your clients’ homes and businesses. The course is delivered via an online, on-demand webinar format.

An Energy and Environmental Analysis of Propane Energy Pod Homes

This course explains how you can “bundle” energy systems into “pods” and make a home budget friendly and environmentally friendly. Propane Energy Pods are becoming popular in new construction and treat a home’s five key areas of energy use. The course will explain these five areas and how you can maximize savings and efficiency for your home buyers. This course is delivered via online webinar.

Expanding Outdoor Living Using Propane for Efficient and Sustainable Outdoor Living

This course explains how you can maximize a home’s comfort levels and increase the resale value by adding outdoor living spaces that are powered by propane. You’ll learn how to add propane-fueled spas and pools, lighting and kitchen areas to a home’s outdoor living area to provide enjoyment for your home’s buyers. You’ll also learn how to add propane heat sources to these outdoor areas so they can be used year-round. This course is also delivered at your convenience via online webinar.

Propane Gas Underground Systems: Residential Infrastructure Requirements and Energy Benefits

This course will help you learn how to plan and design propane-powered homes to maximize on safety, comfort and efficiency. You’ll also learn about the use of underground propane tanks, which help improve the aesthetic value of a residence while providing propane energy to the home. The course will also instruct you on how to install these underground tanks so they are low-maintenance and have very little impact on the surrounding landscape. This course is delivered online via on-demand webinar, so you can take it when your schedule allows.

Whether you are a veteran builder or just getting started, you should ensure that you stay up on the latest trends and information in the propane industry. This will help you provide the best service to your customers and keep them satisfied with their home purchases. The Propane Education and Research Council also provides several other continuing education courses to builders and related personnel. These courses are offered to you free of charge. They are completed completely online, so you can finish them when it is convenient for you. These courses pack a lot of information into a short space, so you can get the most out of the time you spend taking them. You can find a complete list of course offerings and other resources at their website.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Wednesday, April 18, 2018