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10 Amazing Facts About Propane Gas

Have you switched to propane in your home? If not, WHY NOT? Propane is the energy alternative that is safe, easy to use, reduces the carbon footprint and saves you money. If that isn’t convincing enough, perhaps you need to learn more about this outstanding energy source of the future.

If propane gas couldn’t get anymore interesting, you have to read these 10 facts that raise the bar for why you should be using propane to power your home or business!

1. When propane is in liquid form, it is half the weight of water.

2. One of the reasons why propane is harmless to soil and water is that it doesn’t pool, leave a residue or spill. This makes it great for agriculture!

3. I’m sure you’ve heard that when detecting a gas leak you may get a rotten egg smell. This actually isn’t how propane smells. It’s a naturally odorless gas with an odorant that has been added.

4. Propane tankless water heaters are up to a whopping 98% more efficient than other energy sources for heat!

5. Propane clothes dryers generate less static, saving the quality of your clothes. Added bonus: they also dry faster than electric dryers.

6. Propane gas is so light, clean and simple that it is not considered a greenhouse gas. It is one of the cleanest burning gases on the planet!

7. When propane combusts it produces clean water vapor and CO2.

8. Propane gas can be used to power almost any home appliance, including dryers, kitchen appliances, water heaters, house heating, fireplaces, pools, spas and even vehicles.

9. Cooking with an outdoor gas grille uses very little energy and keeps heat outside, which in turn lowers your energy bill when it comes to cooling.

10. Around 90% of United States propane is produced domestically, making an awesome economy booster.

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Friday, May 24, 2019
Friday, May 24, 2019