Propane gas is eco friendly

The Benefits of Propane Gas For Off-Grid Living

As curious and concerned individuals are looking for creative solutions to lower energy bills and reduce the carbon footprint in their everyday lives, the phrase “living off-grid” is an idea that is picking up momentum- and you might have been hearing about it more and more yourself.

For businesses, residences and agricultural practices, propane gas is already making a positive impact on the environment. It’s a clean burning fuel that requires little energy to heat up, and heats quickly as compared to electric heating.

Besides utilizing solar energy for off-grid living, propane gas is becoming a popular option since it is a stand alone system. All you have to do is set up an above ground or underground tank that is refillable. Here are some benefits of using propane gas off-grid.

It can be used to heat the entire home

We already mentioned that it heats up faster and with less energy than electric, but it also lasts twice as long. You can install separate propane powered space heaters that easily mount up on walls indoors or there are models designed to be used outdoors.

Propane powered appliances for off-grid living

You can take your propane living one step further and invest in propane powered appliances. There are many that match well with off-grid living, requiring a battery to operate instead of electricity. Propane powers everything, from ovens to refrigerators and dryers to grilles.

It’s reliable for hot water

For off-gridders, hot water is precious, especially if it renders savings. Save up to 30 percent less when purchasing and installing a propane water heater instead of an electric heater. Tankless water heaters are efficient, fit into off-grid home designs and can produce up to 60 percent less carbon emissions than electric.

What do you think about propane being used to power off-grid homes? Is it reliable? Let us know in the comments!

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Friday, May 24, 2019
Friday, May 24, 2019