Cooking on a propane burner

Using a Propane Cooktop? Here's the Best Hacks to Save!

Everyone wants to save money each month. When it comes to the household there are always little tricks you can implement to save energy here and there. If you’ve made the switch to propane powered appliances and propane heating, you’re already way ahead of the game since it is an energy efficient fuel.

But, how can you save even more?

Let’s step into one of the most frequented areas of the home- the kitchen. If you have a propane range and cooktop, there are plenty of ways you can be energy conscientious. Propane makes it easy peasy!

Here are our top 3 hacks to save with propane in the kitchen.

Go with glass

When you’re about to toss those sliced potatoes into your metal baking dish to cook your world famous gratin, take a break and listen up. Instead of using metal pans and dishes to bake, switch to glass or ceramic. These materials heat up and cook faster without needing higher temperatures, meaning less gas used.

Inspect the oven

Here are a couple of easy tips to instantly start saving energy. First, you can check the seal along the oven door. If there are gaps, heat escapes, causing more gas output in order to recuperate the loss. Also, if the oven window is dirty, it probably inhibits you from being able to monitor cooking food. You end up constantly opening the oven door to check it out. Clean the window and stop letting heat out!

Flame 101

Become an expert at reading the flames on your cooktop. If a flame burns yellow and not blue, it’s using up too much gas and needs to be serviced. As well, be mindful when cooking on high heat. The higher the flame being used, the more gas you’re burning. Most of the time, you don’t even need a high flame to cook. Try to cook at a low setting as much as possible.

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Monday, March 25, 2019
Monday, March 25, 2019