Using Propane Water Heaters for Your Home

When it comes to hot water heaters for your home, you are faced with many decisions. Size, type, brand and model. You must also choose between water heaters that use electricity for heating and those that use propane to heat your water. Propane gas water heaters provide many benefits that you just can’t get from their electric counterparts. The following list will help you make your decision when it comes time to purchase a new hot water heater or upgrade from your old model.


A new propane hot water heater is going to save you money. While a propane model may be slightly more expensive at the time of purchase, it will more than pay for itself over the years you own it. Experts estimate that a propane hot water heater costs a third less to operate than an electric model. Depending upon your hot water usage, operating costs for a propane model are around $25 per month less than an electric hot water heater. You’ll save around $3,000 to $4,000 over the life of your hot water heater, if it has a life span of about ten years which is average for a propane hot water heater. You will definitely enjoy those lower utility bills that you’ll see once your propane hot water heater is installed.


If you’ve ever had an electric hot water heater, you most likely remember spending many minutes or even hours waiting for the water to heat up enough for a shower or a load of dishes. You won’t have that with a propane hot water heater. A propane model heats water much faster than an electric hot water heater. Most propane models heat water twice as fast and can heat twice the amount of water. This means that you’ll have a continuous supply of hot water, and you’ll spend next to no time waiting to take a shower.


Many people are environmentally-conscious and do everything they can to help preserve the planet. Propane hot water heaters and appliances can help you do this. Propane is much cleaner than electricity, so it releases much less pollution into the air. In addition, propane is more efficient, so you use less of it for heating and other uses. This will not only help preserve our natural resources, it will save you money on your utility bills, which is an added bonus of using propane.

Other Considerations

Propane hot water heaters are much smaller than their electric cousins, thanks to their increased efficiency. Since propane models heat water so quickly, you need a smaller tank to hold water that has already been heated. Propane models are also easier to control; the temperature adjustments on propane models are more accurate so you have hot water that meets your needs. You will also have more sizing options with propane models, so you can get the right hot water heater to meet your needs. You won’t have to settle for a unit that is too small, or size up into a huge water heater that is more than what you need as you would with an electric model.

If you are looking for a new hot water heater, or want to upgrade to a propane model to save money and enjoy nearly unlimited hot water, give us a call today. We can help you determine your needs and choose a model that is right for your home and your budget. We can also install your new propane water heater quickly so you can enjoy hot water whenever you need it.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Wednesday, April 18, 2018