Two propane tanks for safe tank maintenance

Tips For Safe Propane Gas Tank Maintenance

A propane tank may appear quite simple, but it’s actually a fine work of brilliant engineering designed to contain propane in its liquid form at high pressures. When it comes to tank installation and repairs, there is much to be aware of in terms of safe handling. Calling your local Jacksonville propane company ensures that your propane tank gets the professional attention it deserves, while you rest easy. Here are some other important tips to consider when you have a propane tank in your home.

Store safely:

Always be mindful about where you store your propane tank. Keep it outdoors in a shaded, temperate area away from flammable objects. Remember- tanks must be stored in an upright position.

Be prepared:

Invest in a gas detector to alert you to carbon monoxide or gas leaks. If you ever smell a foul, “rotten egg” smell, then turn off your gas valve and open windows and doors. If the smell worsens, cover your tank with a damp cloth and call the fire department.

Check new tanks:

When you purchase a new tank, check for leaks before use. Make a soap/water solution, dip a rag in it and then wipe the rubber tubing down. If bubbles form, then there are leaks and a replacement must be purchased. Never repair or patch a leak!

Old tanks:

If you’re dealing with a sedentary tank that hasn’t been used in awhile, check the rubber tubing for signs of wear and tear. If it’s looking rough, purchase new rubber tubing at your local hardware shop or contact your Jacksonville gas supplier.

Transport with care:

Safety is paramount when moving your tank. Keep it upright and secure it with a rope- NOT with a metal chain. If your tank is inside your car, always leave the windows open and keep the valve locked and well covered.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018
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