Benefits of Propane Gas for Commercial

The Benefits of Propane Gas for Commercial Use

Homes aren’t the only establishments that use propane, in fact many business are turning to this amazing fuel source for commercial use. Like residential use, propane can help save energy and lower monthly costs for business owners. It’s also a responsible way to make an environmental impact with your business practices as well. How can you utilize propane gas commercially? The sky’s the limit! Here are some of the most popular ways.


The National Propane Gas Association estimates that nearly 500,000 forklift trucks are powered by propane. Business owners turn to propane for their forklifts for the clean-burning advantage, savings and the efficiency that beats out electric power. With gas, forklifts don’t need downtime to recharge, so work can get done without any hiccups or complications.

Heating in large buildings

Whether commercial or industrial, once again propane is the winner to save energy and costs. Large scale buildings such as hospitals and warehouses can rely on propane gas to help supply heat. In fact, it can be used for a wide range of services, from cooking to refrigerating and soldering to brazing.

Powering vehicles

For businesses that rely heavily on transportation vehicles, propane autogas can help cut down fuel costs and reduce the carbon footprint. Numerous businesses around the globe are already incorporating gas into their energy plan, and it’s used to fuel taxis, buses, delivery trucks and more.

Interested in powering your business with propane in Jacksonville, FL?

Griffis Gas provides propane to restaurants, filling stations, hotels, schools, hospitals, naval bases and manufacturing facilities. All of these businesses have come to rely on us to keep their day to day operations running smoothly and we are experienced in the best ways to implement gas commercially and industrially. Let us work with you to design a propane solution that will help your business save energy and money. Contact us today and our representatives are available to answer any questions you may have.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018
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