Propane gas grille

The Advantages of Grilling with Gas

Since it’s football season, it only makes sense to post about grilling. Alas, the BBQ grille is deeply embedded in the very heart of every American; a staple of all and any weekend game shenanigans.

The grill master is one who knows how to flip burgers with the greatest of ease and strategically place meats over the flame to get the perfect kiss of heat for the ultimate taste. This season, allow propane gas to upgrade your grilling experience.

Propane gas is cleaner

Besides being a clean burning fuel source, the literal clean up is easier than a traditional grille. You don’t have worry about lugging around sooty coal, building pyramids and messing with chemical laden materials to get an ample fire roaring. After the cooking is complete, no need to dispose of dangerous hot coals and ash.

Propane gas is convenient

We mentioned in the point above that clean up is quick and easy. That’s one major convenience. Another is the set up. Propane tanks are portable, so you can take your grille anywhere- including Everbank Field for tailgating before a Jags game. With propane, all it takes is the flip of a switch and you can choose the flame size you desire.

Propane service when you need it

When you have people coming over for the Super Bowl, and you’ve got a mountain of steaks and sausages to sizzle, who can help ensure your grille is in tip-top shape to get the job done? Go with a local gas supplier that puts you and your schedule first. You can sign up for services that include having propane delivered to your home, tanks exchanged and more. If you like to stay on top of safety, a supplier can check your grille and tanks each month when they refill gas at your home. For more information, you contact Griffis Gas.

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Thursday, November 1, 2018
Thursday, November 1, 2018