Propane: A Clean, Green Choice

These days, it's hard to turn on your television or open a newspaper without hearing about the state of the environment. Clean energy sources are the wave of the future, but many of the budding clean energy technologies are too expensive and not efficient enough. Propane, on the other hand, is a clean, affordable, environmentally-safe energy source. Thanks to Griffis Gas, customers in Orange Park and the entire Jacksonville metro area can power their appliances, generators, vehicles, and businesses with clean, green propane.

Benefits Over Other Fossil Fuels

Like all fossil fuels, propane emits water vapor and carbon dioxide when it's burned. Unlike other fossil fuels, it does not release carbon monoxide or hydrocarbons. That means that burning propane instead of a different fuel promotes a healthy environment and is much safer for indoor spaces. If you work in a warehouse full of gasoline-powered forklifts, you're breathing in those fumes and vapors all day. Powering your vehicles with propane reduces harmful emissions and gives your employees safe, breathable air while they work.

Even more importantly, using propane in your home is perfectly safe. Obviously, children should not handle propane or any other gas, but there is no danger from breathing propane fumes because they are not toxic.

Everyone has heard of oil spills and gas spills. They can cause fires, a greasy scum over water, and have a devastating impact on plant and animal life. The only danger from a propane spill is potential freezing from the low storage temperatures. A propane spill is completely non-toxic and leaves no lasting residue or contamination.

Benefits Over New Technologies

New power sources may be great for the environment, but they're a long way from being readily available, cost-effective, or commercially viable. Wind power isn't going to do a great job powering your forklift, and good luck getting solar power to work on indoor vehicles. Unlike these other technologies, which show promise, propane is an effective, affordable solution right now. That's why so many business owners in Orange Park trust Griffis Gas to keep their operation running.

With propane, you get the best of both worlds. No other energy source offers the same mix of fossil fuel efficiency and affordability with green energy safety. Saving money and saving the planet at the same time? What could possibly be better. And best of all, you get to enjoy the world-class customer service that Griffis Gas is famous for.

Whether you're looking to fire up the grill at home or power an entire fleet of work vehicles, propane is the right choice. It's safe, it's green, and it has none of the harmful side-effects associated with other fossil fuels. At Griffis Gas, we're committed to helping our customers keep the power on, save money, and promote a clean and healthy home or work environment.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Wednesday, April 18, 2018