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How to Throw a Pool Party Using Propane Gas

Summer is heating up, and in Florida, that means making a splash in the pool. There’s no better way to combine fun with friends and family with activities that keep things cool than by throwing a pool party in your backyard.

You might think that all you need is your swim trunks and a fruity drink to get the party started, but did you know you can incorporate propane gas into your pool time festivities to really turn things up a notch?

Not only can it be used in multiple ways outdoors, but it will save you energy and money. Here’s our guide to throw the ultimate propane gas infused pool party of a lifetime.

Still a bit chilly, but you’re over the cold?

We understand how tensions can run during that spring-summer in between. You’ve just spent the entire winter bundled up indoors and those first few waves of warm springtime weather have got you antsy to get outside, feel the sunshine on your skin and splash around with some aqua therapy.

Your pool might still be a bit chilly, but with a propane water heater, you can kiss the chill goodbye. Use a propane pool heater to keep your swimming pool at the perfect temperature so your party guests are always comfortable.

Invite guests for a spa date

If you’ve got an outdoor spa by your pool, the answer is yes: you can heat it using propane gas.

It’s a nice added touch for a pool party, as festivities begin to wind down, the kids are playing and the adults want to relax with some muscle calming heat in the spa. Propane gas heats up faster than electric heating systems, so you’ll be steaming in no time.

Fire up the BBQ Propane Style

All that swimming can make a person hungry, so it’s important to supply your party guests with a delicious BBQ feast, grilled right by the pool.

Use a gas powered grill for fast and easy cooking. There’s little mess to clean up and the gas is powered by a flip of a switch. You can have burgers and steaks sizzling at the perfect heat setting, get them served up piping hot, and be back in the pool with a satisfied belly fast as a snap.

Calm the mood with a gas powered fire pit

As the sun sets and the party begins to chill out, it’s time for the fire pit to make its debut. Everyone loves to dry their wet bodies by a warm, crackling fire.

With propane, there’s no need for heavy chunks of wood or taking ages to get it piled up and lit. As well, there’s no stinky smoke, dangerous burning logs or clean up to worry about. A gas powered fire pit is clean burning, with no scent or smoke to bother the senses. Best of all, it turns on and off with a button.

Add some of the essentials like graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows to enter s’mores land and you’ve got the perfect ending to pool party extravaganza.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Wednesday, April 18, 2018