Educate children about propane safety

How to Teach Your Kids About Propane Safety

The uses and benefits of propane gas are endless. When you make the decision to switch to gas power in your home, you’re not only taking a step towards energy efficiency and lower bills, but you’re introducing progressive ways of living with propane gas to your family as well, especially your children. That’s why it’s important to stress propane safety for kids.

While propane gas is by all means safe, as with anything, there are always precautions to take and knowledge to instill when something is new and unfamiliar. It’s important to educate your kids on what propane gas is and how it’s being used in your home. How can you make sure they’re in the loop? Have a an educational talk with them. And trust me, it’ll be a lot easier than the “birds and the bees” talk.

Where is the tank located?

Show children where the gas tank is and emphasize that they should not touch or play the tank. On another note, a propane tank should be stored outside, because gas can build up inside a garage or house. Teach your children to alert an adult if they notice any propane tanks stored inside an area with poor ventilation.

The distinctive propane smell

If there is a gas leak, you can usually tell right away by a smell similar to that of rotten eggs. It may be stinky, but also imperative for distinguishing gas leakage. What should kids do if they get a whiff? If they answer: “Blame it on the dog,” then that’s incorrect. Instead, they need to alert an adult right away.

Establish an emergency action plan

If a leak is present in the home, your kids need to exit the house and find a trusted adult, such as a neighbor, to call 911. Agree upon a meeting place, such as the neighborhood park or a friend’s house, as long as it’s in an area far enough from your house and the leak.

When the grille is fired up

Everyone likes to relax and let loose by firing up the ol’ propane barbecue grill, but always warn children to stay at a safe distance as a precaution.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Wednesday, April 18, 2018