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4 Ways to Use Propane Gas This Summer

Summer is here and so are ALL of the summer activities we’ve been longing for...cook outs, beach cruising, sunsets, sunrises and outdoor shenanigans around Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Did you know that you can incorporate propane gas into many aspects of your outdoor living plans? Let Griffis Gas show you how to relax and save money this summer!

Propane gas powered grille

A summertime staple we can all salute as Floridians, take your grilling to the next level by ditching the splintered chunks of wood and stinky lighter fluid for something a bit more svelte- propane gas. Not only does it burn clean, but the convenience makes firing up the grille a breeze, especially for those outings that require a portable grille. No smoke, no messy clean up- what could be better?

Propane gas powered fire pits

Jack Frost might’ve gone into hibernation (for now) but that doesn’t mean your fire pit has to. Northeast, FL sunsets and balmy evenings are best enjoyed around a crackling fire, perhaps roasting some sausages or just sipping cold brews with the boys. As with your gas grille, you’ll get to enjoy all of the same benefits with a gas powered fire pit. Say “bye bye” to the mess and meticulous set up. Long gone are the days of smoke-stung eyes and when that last beer can has been crushed, all it takes is a flip of the switch to turn off the fire and retire for the evening with ease.

Pool & Spa heaters

When I think of summer, I think of days as a kid spent in the pool with chlorine eyes and a big ol smile. Pools are a huge part of Floridian culture, so it only makes sense to keep your pool well maintained and heated with the best resource in the business- propane gas. Whether you want to keep ample heat flowing to your pool or spa, gas not only heats faster than electrical units, but it’s also less expensive.

Outdoor living

Get family and friends excited for summer get togethers by revamping your backyard or porch area with propane gas. Besides using it for the grille or to heat up the pool, save money on electric bills by switching to gas lights and gas patio heating. Not only does this save your hard earned greenbacks, but you also go green with propane, a recognized means of reducing the carbon footprint in the home.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Wednesday, April 18, 2018