4 Ways to Camp with Propane

4 Ways to Camp with Propane

Spring is right around the corner, and after a long, cold winter I know everyone is just itching to get outside to enjoy that anticipated warm weather.

Northeast Florida is home to some of the most pristine parks in the state, and pitching a tent in the middle of the peaceful wilderness with the family is always a popular pastime. When it comes to outdoor gear, using propane for camping isn’t anything new. It’s long been praised for its efficiency, portability, long shelf life and it’s cleaner, eco-friendly benefits.

As you and the family gear up for the beautiful outdoors, keep in mind some of these common methods to incorporate propane into your camping adventures.

Motor Homes

If you’re more of a comfort camper that prefers to enjoy nature without sacrificing heat and hot water or a stove and refrigerator, then know that propane camping has got you covered.

The propane system in an RV is the lifeline, and come in the forms of portable cylinders or permanently installed tanks. Portable cylinders are commonly paired with fifth-wheel units, travel trailers and folding campers, usually mounted inside or outside the vehicle in an upright position. Motorhomes make use of a permanently installed single tank.

Propane Camp Stoves

It’s the trusty propane camping companion that ensures your hot meals are cooked right! Besides being affordable and easy to use, it lights instantly and will have you saying sayonara to messy coal grilles for good.

Propane Tent Heaters

The cold is not something we have to worry about very much in Florida, but those rainstorms sure can chill you to the bone when you’re camping. Enjoying a stormy night cuddled up in your tent with a propane heater- it’s just one of those purchase decisions you’ll be ecstatic to have made. A single can of propane is all that’s needed to power a heater and keep your tent toasty for hours.

Propane Hot Water Camp Showers

Did you know that camping with propane can also provide you with a warm shower right at your campsite? The portable propane powered camp shower comes in all sizes with tankless options available as well. All you need is a water source, attach the pump and enjoy a warm shower in the middle of the woods.

Always make sure your propane tanks are filled up and ready to go before a camping trip to avoid any inconveniences. Griffis Gas makes it easy and affordable to fill your propane tank, so don’t hesitate to call us!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Wednesday, April 18, 2018